What kind of clothes do guys like on girls?

For example, sluttyish?

conservative? etc?


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  • Sluttyish? Why not ask or see what your friends are wearing? Specifically the girls who have boyfriends. Observe people all around to see what's most commonly worn. I'm a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy myself. For myself and girls I mean.

  • I like to see a woman wearing tights/stockings/pantyhose and a short skirt. A shirt that shows her bra completes a very sexy look.

    • That's funny.I'm a girl and I like seeing those things on another woman,and I also like wearing them,myself too.

    • Yeah but would you really take someone seriously like that?

    • I think the answerer was being sarcastic. michelle is bi. and well. you could take them seriously, if you got to know them. I know some very hot SMART and CARING girls

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