OK, so I see some girls wearing a ponytail, and its kind of puffed up at the top, like above the actual ponytail, and it looks so cute! how do you do that? I've tried before, but whenever I do, the puff always goes flat.. help me!


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  • Dont bother with the bumpit unless your really experienced with hair because it will show thru if your hair is thin and that will just look ridiculous lol but a good way to do it - get a teasing comb from a local hair suppl store - if you ask anyone working theyll kno exactly what you want - and seperate a small section of hair towards the back top of your head. using the comb back comb small sections lightly so you don't damage your hair. then hair spray to hold it in place once you have a big enuff rats nest goin. Then comb some untangled hair over the mess or lightly brush the top of the mess to look smooth and hide the tangles. secure into a pony and tada! be gentle when you undo and use conditioner!

  • okay you can use a bumbet or whenever you have your bump the way you want it put hair spray all over it and it will not fall down, I know some people don't like to use hair spray because they think its bad for their hair but it washes out whenever you take a shower and if you want to be super carefull and make sure the hair spray definnatly comes wash your hair with baking soda it cleans your hair good, and teeth(:

    • But I don't have a bumbit thing.. is tehre any other way?.

    • Yea so you said you can get it up like you wanted, just do that then quickly put hairspray in it so it doesn't fall out(: