Would you date her?


looked about like the 3.5-4.0 girl in the image above, yet she had a heart of gold?

Lately my friend has been down on herself because of her looks, yet she has just the most amazing personality.

So, yes. Would you date her, and where on a scale of 1-10 do you place yourself?


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  • If I were on that messed up scaling system, I'd be a 10.

    On the other hand, if I was on a sale that actually made sense, then I'd be a 10.

    My point is... I'm awesome.

    Actually my point is that you really shouldn't care if you're a 2 or an 8 or whatever. There's ALWAYS a person out there for everyone. The proof is all of the place. Go to the nearest city, walk down the street and look at all the people you consider a "3.5" who are with their bf/gf.


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  • That scale's all out of whack. Rating peoples appearance on a scale is all out of whack. Thinking something as shallow as a 1-10 scale should be the determining factor of how a person feels about themselves, means you're all out of whack.

    Physical attraction is an important contributor to a good relationship, but thinking you can objectively quantify someone's attractiveness is just crazy.

  • I don't think that image is correct at all. And the thing is, some people are attracted to different features than others. So different people would rate people differently, obviously.

    I would give myself a 7? I'm sure different girls would rate me from 4 to 8.


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