So could I be pretty? or am I just available?

here we go - I can get dolled up and show off my figure - and lots of guys notice me, talk and laugh and flirt with me, and try to hug or touch me. I can see it in their eyes that their attracted to me. but they never call or try to date me. if anything they try to have a hook up with me , just sex, nothing else- tho I never go for it. ill admit to the occasional drunken make out session but I've never had sex.

ill never forget being told once that a guy scoffed at me behind my back and asked "who told her she's hot?"

then there is my friend - she is cute and friendly - doesn't doll herself up quite as much at times - she has a very attractive bf- and I notice she doesn't like hanging out with me much anymore.

ill never forget that she mentioned once "you can have an ugly friend no one cares, but when it comes to a boyfriend you kinda have to have a cute one because of what people think"

here is what I am worried about - could it be that I am not pretty enough and so she doesn't want to hang out a lot? and that these guys only pay me attention when I am in a dress but I'm not pretty enough to pursue?


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  • In resume (if I understand well) you are what most of guys call "a sexy girl" or just an girl that are very cute who attract the most of guys because their appearance, right?

    This seams to be a conflict, maybe your best friend thinks that you think that she are ugly, and that the fact you have a boyfriend you must have one girl cute

    Sorry if I read bad, but I'm practice English :\


What Girls Said 1

  • I would ask her point blank why she doesn't want to hang out as much. Tell her you want her to be really honest and open and you will respect her feelings and opinions and then d so. She may give you feedback on things other than your looks that might help you, though probably things you may not like to hear. Some girls do kinda stop hanging out with their friends as much when they get a boyfriend. So don't take that too personally.

    It sounds like she is pretty hung up on image though. Friends who hang out with you based on how you help their image are not friends.

    I hope getting dolled up doesn't mean you are trying too hard, dressed a bit too vampy (so guys won't take you seriously), or appearing unnatural. If what you do wear feels unnatural to you or makes you feel self-conscious about yourself or seems all about getting male attention, that is coming across to others. If you like how you look when you get dressed up and you feel good about yourself, other people's thoughtless remarks won't matter.