Are you glad you enjoy this beautiful mothers day?

Are you glad you enjoy this beautiful mothers day?

You almost went for abortion that day, and you thought there was no hope, no one will share your joy.

Yet you choose to keep the baby, and look what happen now?

Your baby is looking at you smiling, you have a wonderful family.

You have a great mother's day


I can no longer fit in all the pretty dress and clothes,

No more dating and fun for me, all my girlfriends are having a great time yet I am home sitting.

My dating life went down to hell, my baby is the major deal breaker.

And I give up my future my youth and my life.

  • I am glad I kept the baby
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  • I should have went for abortion
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  • I don't have kids (but want kids)
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  • I don't have kids (don't want kids)
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  • Don't apply to me
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well I'm going to know how it feels next year. I'm 4 months pregnant. YAY I can't wait.


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  • The second one even though it doesn't apply to me but would.


What Guys Said 1

  • It's a bullshit holiday created by corporations and the government in order for you to go out and waste more of your hard earned money. Every day is a mother's day for my mom: I work hard, do the right thing, and try my best to make her proud. What's so special about this one day in May?