Girls, Would u get a tatoo to look sexier and what kind and where would u want it?

I am not big on tattoos but seems I attracted to girls that have a little ink especially the tamp stamp ( by the way hate the term). So do u get ink to look sexier and what kind would u get and where on your body?


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  • I have a small tattoo on my foot, but I would like to get another somewhere else. I love sleeves on girls, but I am too chicken to commit to one, myself. I have a scar on my shoulder I wouldn't mind covering up. I wouldn't be opposed to a "tramp stamp"... No matter how derogatory the term, they are still sexy as hell.


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  • I wouldn't get one to look sexier, that isn't something that motivates me generally. However, I would get a tattoo that I think looks pretty and says something about me. If I was going to get a big tattoo, I would consider getting a grape vine twining around my arm and up onto my shoulder because I'm a Classics student and, for me, that would represent Dionysus and the idea of being able to shamelessly enjoy something you love. I'm probably too scared to get a big one though, so I'm just considering getting 'Sing, O muse' tattooed on my wrist or collarbone, for the opening of the Iliad, probably the greatest epic ever written.

  • I already have one (in a hidden place) but probably would not get any more. I love mine but it's enough and it was all I wanted.

  • I wouldn't get it to look sexier. I want a tattoo cuz they are awesome. Although I really like guys with tattoos