What is a cool way to dress?

OK so I am in high school. a freshman. and I want to make a good impression on my high school career. what is a cool way to dress. By the way I am a boy.


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  • just follow what you like to do. read some fashion magazines to get some ideas.


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  • nice dark jeans(straight)



    nice zip ups

    leather jackets

    good luck!


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  • 1) You can never go wrong with jeans. BUT don't get those skin tight emo jeans OR the thug baggy jeans that hang halfway down your ass, NO high-waters, you gotta get tthem to be baggy but not extremely baggy, a little loose but not too loose. Kinda hard to explain.

    2)Get a mix of athletic wear and preppy wear, track jackets, polos (dont get the really tight polos it will just make you look like a douche), nice button up shirts on occasion (button only the bottom two or three buttons). T-shirts (Same as polos, don't get the tight ones. I recommend Fox Racing shirts)

    3)As for shoes, that's a tough one. Get a mix of skater shoes(DC's) and regular sneakers (Adidas or nike)

    4)Make sure colors match, girls will notice if your wearing a red shirt with blue DC's

    5) If you need some more advice, take one of your female friends shopping with you, Females have great taste in fashion

  • dude, the best thing to do is to style your hair. Important...it works as an ice breaker

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