Is there ANY way to know where one stands facially compared to male models to the majority of women IRL (Pics are good but kinda inaccurate)?

Okay so one woman will say I am average as... and another will say I look better than some male models facially. And that is comparing a freaking selfie to a professional photo of a supermodel.
SO WHO represents what the majority of women think?


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  • Goddamn if you ask this question 1 mo MF time imma go full retard on somebody IRL 😂😂😂... and I thought I was full of myself.

    If girls are "eye banging" you it's a good chance that you look good in most of their eyes if not, I guess not, who cares bruh?

    • You'll know if you look good or not via real-life interactions with females. Since it'll be written all over their faces (if they think you're hot) or they may fuck around and cat call you at some mall or something etc

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  • Each woman has individual tastes so it would be hard to find out what majority of girls think overall - Probably the best idea is to talk to women you know and see what they think that might give you an idea.

  • Who knows man, at work, female coworkers have asked me if I model (which I did 12 years ago) while strangers have told me "I deserve more than an average Joe".

    So... Yeah.. m