How do you know when a girl is looking at you or not?

OK, so for a while now I've noticed a girl in one of my classes has been looking in my direction and I think, smiling, but I'm not sure. It's hard to tell. We recently moved assigned seats because a new semester started and I have still seen her looking in my direction. Before, I really didn't pay much attention to this because I already had a girlfriend, but almost three weeks ago we broke up, which I was sad about at first, but now I'm ready to move on and date someone else. And well, this girl just happens to be there right now.

If it helps, I've talked with her a few times, but I always have to approach her first. I don't now if this just means she's shy or something, but once the conversation gets started she is very open with talking with me.

So, does it seem like she's is looking at me or is she just zoning out or something? And if she is looking at me, does that mean she likes me? I know for a lot of people, this is a really easy thing to know what's actually going on, but when it comes to things like this, I'm clueless.

Like always I appreciate and am very thankful for any advice I can get.


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  • Well, for me as a girl. I hardly ever continously look at a guy that I do not find attractive. Which means if I see someone that is cute and that I'm interested in, I do look at them quite often. Girls wouldn't continuously look at someone if she isn't interested in them, it would be the opposite. If she isn't approaching you first it probably means that she is shy and is not sure of what to say to start off a conversation, so I think you should continue to approach her first. Maybe more and more every day, As time goes on, if you have homework or need to study , suggest getting her Facebook or phonenumber to "discuss" the class work that you are having "trouble on". Just a suggestion! hope everything works out


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  • if I like a guy, I won't continuously look at him. I might but it might be me zoning out. but I mean if I like a guy, I'll kinda avoid eye contact a bit because I'd be shy around him :)

  • ok well it does seem like she is interested in you for this reason... when you talk to her and she is really opend it means that she can trust you with what she is saying and she likes you. the reason why she is probably not starting the conversation is because she is probably just shy and she probably thinks that you are NOT interested in her. so this is my advice to you... ask her not on a date but just to go get ice cream or go skating or do some fun activity with her not as a date but just going somewere as friends. but nothing to big and if you want to do something big with her then invite some other people to go see a movie and see if she sit's beside you. this is a good idea because she will then realize that you like her and then you can go to the next step which is acually asking her on a date then you can do something big.but it is never to good to be pushy so if she keeps saying I'm busy or no every time you ask her just give her some time.i hope this help's you.

    good luck ;)


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