Girls, should I tell her?

Hello girls , I am not sure whether to mention this to her.

she went to the hairdressers to have her hair cut its got a little too long according and Hannah said says it was bothering her anyway I loved Hannah's hair after it was nice but I when I cuddled Hannah and then gave her a little neck kiss it felt so hard and not very soft and I then noticed a small amount of her hair was on my shoulder , should I tell her?

Correction my girl Hannah that is 😊


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  • Yes you should

    • Ok following your advice I told Hannah and she was happy to explain what was wrong , Hannah said the hairdresser and stylist that did it for her was new and her normal stylist and hairdresser Natalie was sick , and the new girl used quite a bit of hairspray after her hair was washed but Hannah was afraid to tell me that her hair was brittle , heavy & hard due to the over use of hairspray incase i got worried about pulling her hair out and then not wanting to gently stroke it when we cuddled up something she loves. but Hannah said my attention to her little details like that makes her want to be with me even more.

    • oh and i forgot to add to that the Hannah's normal hairdresser Natalie was sorry about it and that she will speak to the girl and advise her but Hannah said she did not want to get her into trouble as she was really nice but asked if Natalie could maybe help her a little more because she had a lot of talent