What's your opinion on this, guys?

I sorta' like guys with somewhat longer hair. Not gothic long, just kinda long. My mother freaks out when I bring home a guy with the sorta long hair, and she makes my 3 brothers cut their hair shorter. Do you usually have longer or shorter hair?


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  • I always had short hair. I just started growing it long-er. I just desided that it's time for a new style


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  • I don't think the length of a guys hair says as much about them as your mother appears to think dear. She should be focused on other, more important things. I usually keep mine mid length, but at the moment it's past my shoulders, as I'm donating it to locks of love, and it has to be a minimum of 10 inches before I can do that. I don't mind it long though, and plenty of people have complimented me on it.

    • Thanks! ;)

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    • See, guys who call girls hun, and dear are pretty nice guys.....

    • I don't know about that=P I am a nice guy, but that habit stems from having many women friends, and calling them such things, as terms of endearnment, for comfort and respect and the like. I'm sure there are (_0_) s that use those terms as well, so beware!

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