Girls, Ladies, Ulta or Sephora?

Ulta or Sephora: Which do you prefer and why? Do they have professional make-up/representatives who can walk me through the steps and help me find the right products for me? I've always had pretty good skin, so I don't wear makeup and as a result, I don't know much about makeup (but I want to!!) so any tips will be much appreciated. My main focus: brows (they're kinda sparse, so I would love to make them look fuller while making them look natural) & just some coverage on the face (I don't break out or have acne, but I do have a little bit of uneven skin tone & some freckles, so just something that will help with that should be fine).


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  • Ulta is more general beauty, for what your looking for I would go Sephora. Just be prepared, loads of make up consultants can be a little overwhelming and assertive (not all). Just do not be afraid to speak up on if you do or do not want something and do not let them push you into buying something you do not want or need.(anywhere there are people that tend to do this, so place might not help much here) good luck :)


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