GUYS: what do you think of the out of "norm" clothes for girls?

ALL of the "popular girls" in my school all dress the same...abercrombie, hollister and AE logos plastered against their boobs with skin tight jeans and thongs, with pin straight long hair and lots of eyeliner. UGHHH what if I want to dress different? >.< what can I wear out of the NORM that will attract NORMAL creepers please :( thanx-Erin :)


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  • Wear whatever feels great on your skin. And my best bet is, you're already attracting the "normal" guys. I can't speak for all guys, but for me, I like girls who wear a minimal amount of makeup in subtle colors. I don't care at all about firms when it comes to clothes, so long it looks complimenting and comfortable on her. It really does attract me most when I see a girl who enjoys wearing what she's wearing.

    Same goes for perfume, no need to go for something that kills one's nose - subtle natural smells do it just fine.

    In conclusion, dress, smell, sound and behave in a modest complimenting manner and I assure you, you will get the attention of the high quality guys - guys like me :)


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