Stores To Buy Cute Fashionable Clothes CHEAP?

I have $150 to spend on clothes and im trying to figure out which stores sell cheap fashionable clothes. By cheap i mean $10 and etc. all i can think of is rue 21, forever 21, and ross. Any other stores?


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  • Wall Mart, K mart


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  • Lmfao well those are crossed off of my list lol but there's also:

    -Burlington Coat Factory
    -TJ Max

    • And Forman Mills

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    • Well honestly it depends on what you're looking for you're right TJ-Max and Marshalls aren't the cheapest place but they're basically the same price as Ross.

      And it depends on what kind if clothes you're seeking what store... They usually range from

      Shirts: $5-12
      Bottoms: $7-30
      Dresses: $12-30
      Shoes: $20+
      Hats: $5-20
      Bags: $15-30

      It depends on the style/how fancy or casual you want it and out of the places I named For man Mills would be your best it's huge, cheap, and has everything and I do mean everything you could want. Rainbow is a close second they have some pretty good deals and Falla's has super cute clothes for cheap but the stores aren't every where.

    • Someone had mentioned thrift shops Plato's Closet has decent clothes also

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  • I would look into the general department stores in your area - There are generally some that offer more economic prices often good quality stuff.

  • H&m, Zara, gap, American eagle, amazon


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  • H&M perhaps.

  • Take a look in thrift shops in your area

    • Thrift shops in my area sucks. It seems like no one gives away their good clothes anymore in my area /:

    • Usually you have to search to find good stuff

    • Not in my area trust me

  • Ardene they have deals of like 2 for 15$.
    And the clothes are really cute

    • Ardene doesn't really fit anyone but preteens, in my experience. I could never wear anything from that store.

    • @9mfeo ok well then nevermind I have no idea

    • I dont have that store in my city or any cities close to mine.