Is that bad to look in his mobile?

OK so I looked at his mobile.

I left my mobile In his car and I didn't get it back till the next day.

I did think he might of looked and what he thought if he did.

But the day I went to his house he wasn't home I went in the house an saw my mobile on the bench. He knew I was coming round but I don't think he wanted to see me. We been seeing each other a lot that week and his gran just died.

Along side of my mobile on his bench was his other mobile and information about him going over seas.

I read it of course an I saw the flight month was totally different to what he told me the day be4. he said he was going in march but it said on the flights April to July.. an he said it was for 6months.. I got really mad cause he constantly lies all the time bout small things. I instantly thought he might wanna get rid of me early or I dunno he just loves me to keep guessing an not know.

so while I was at it I looked at his mob cause I was just already pissed off. his house mate caught me.I left the house an he then later called me yelling at me why did you go through my stuff now I feel like the bad guy.. I explained an he just yelled an abused me, his not really a good person but I still care so much an it hurts so much that he yelled at me! I told him to f*** off cause he had put me through so much I knew it wasn't gonna last long be4 it was gonna happen he hanged up. but I am still questioning everything an he won't reply or talk to me we had a fight be4 an I didn't talk to him for a week an a half an then he called... will he come back this time? I think I just need the reassurance that he didn't use me or that he doesn't hate me :(


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  • You may have to accept the reality that he just doesn't want to deal with any drama in his life and he may feel like you are giving him way too much drama...

  • relationships is based on trusting each other ..if not then ther's no relationship..what kind of a relationship z that where u're looking thru his mobile? and him lieing 2 you abt very silly things?

    am sorry but that's not the way 2 hv 1..obviously you hv trusting issues...and he on the otherhand z making up excuses 2 be away from u

    there's smth wrong in this relationship, and I think you 2 hv 2 sit and talk abt it seriously...or just let it go