Hair coloring questions?

okay so a few months ago I bleached my hair and it looked horrible. So I redyed it and the color looked really good but just after a day it faded a little. When the hair dye was almost gone I tried dying it again. and once again the color has faded. On both boxes of hair dye, it said that it was permanent and I followed the directions it gave me. I know that box dyes will fade faster than it will if you get it done in the salon, but it shouldn't fade after one day. I want the color to be a dark blonde, because tht's my natural color. So what should I do to get it to stay without fading for at least a few months? I know that you have to dye your hair while it's dirty and I did all that. should I maybe leave the dye in for a few minutes longer? should I use more dye? because last time I had extra dye. I know people that have used box dye and it's lasted them about a year. so what can I do? I don't have money to get it done at the salon. thanks


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  • According to a friend of mine who was a beautician you need to put a filler on.

    You can get this at Sally's or another hair care store near you.

    • Okay thanks, I'm probably going to end up doing that but do I need a liscense to buy it from sallys? if I do then where else can I get it? would they have it at a drug store or something?

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    • I talked to my friend again just for you. The filler is the only thing that will solve this problem. You can try beauty supply houses in your area to see if they ask you for a license or even try a salon that you may have went to in the past. Maybe a friend in the business or at a beauty school.

      Most of the time you can get anything you want on the internet!

      Try that as a last resort.

    • Thanks you so much! I'm going to sallys in about an hour to see if I can buy it and I'm dying my hair tmrw, so ill let uk what happens. thanks for all ur help

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  • Hi,

    I can tell you from the start that a permanent dye does not last a year that's total crap it lasts for about a month at the longest then the routes start coming in. If you can't afford to go to a salon then you should leave the dye in your hair a bit longer it should stay in for half an hour to start with not 10-20 mins but I recomend the hairdressers.

    Good Luck.

    By L

    • I don't mean the roots. ik thtll grow back but it won't b noticable because I'm dying it my natural color. I mean people go a while without it fading