How do you determine how high (not heel) of a boot to wear with your outfit?

How high if it's for an outfit with...
1) short shorts
2) mini skirt
3) knee length dress
4) tight pants
5) your favorite outfit

do you have a way to determine the preferred height?


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  • I have two favourite pairs of boots. One are ankle height, so i wear those with either knee length dresses or with my jeans. The other ones are over the knee high. I wear those with pencil skirts (so you just get a flash of leg) Or with shorter skirts and dresses. I hate my legs, so I try and cover them up as much as possible.

    • I love those answers. thank you for describing it that way. What kind of boots would you wear with a mini-skirt if you liked your legs?

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    • Is the shape of your leg the only reason why you like the knee high boots?

      Everytime I think of knee high boots I think of this:
      Put close up it's this:

      What do you think of those boots and what else would you wear those with?

    • Thank you for MHO! :D I think knee highs and thigh highs are sexy on any leg tbh. Those boots are cute! I would probably wear those with jeans and a leather jacket, something similar to the pic cause they look bad ass!

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  • I am not a huge fans of high heels - I don't mind low stylish heels or flats


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  • It usually depends on what kind of silhouette you want, what proportions look best on you, and what's even in your closet.

  • I ask my Bros, sis or mom. occasionally my dad will give his input.
    Or look in the mirror.


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