Girls, What's wrong in wearing panties? They are comfortable. Do give your opinions?

I refer bold colors which i think is ok, they are very comfortable and fits well. Yes i have to wear one size plus than men brief which i wear.

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Girls please share your feeling that why men can't wear panties?
girls which style you love i n panties?


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  • No problem here. I think it's cute and would want to see it.


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  • I don't give a shit what you wear as long as you're not stretching out my underwear.

  • OMG 😒...

    How is having your package all tight comfortable at all? Stop lying. You're just weird. 😒😒

    • wearing a plus one more size than normal size, Hipster and boys pants best fits.

    • i know it's weird to all, but boys undies don't come with so comfortable material, that's why. Nothing else. In my old undies i get rashes but here nothing.

    • I've never worn men underclothes, but I'll be safe to assume, that just like ours, you have all different types of materials and styles... Not all of our panties are comfortable.