Is it just me or does it seem like everyone dresses identically in each season? I was just talking to my coworker about this. I get wearing office clothes - that's kind of a "uniform." But I see so many near-identical regular outfits that it just makes me feel like people are super unoriginal even if they look good. For example, today I was at the bus stop and noticed two women wearing the same boots - and then I realized their outfits were almost identical too (small jackets, skinny jeans, thin scarves wrapped around the neck). I wanted to laugh but it also irritated me. In a way it makes me want to not wear those things just because they're so over-worn - and I really like fall boots!

What really bothers me is when people commodify fall - so that activities like apple picking become super trendy and "basic." Like - leave it alone. And no I'm not a hipster God forbid. I'm not trying to be like "I did it first" or be "ironic" about anything. I just like leaves and tall boots and looking nice without looking/acting like a clone.
Anyone else?

Lol wow first question in a long time with zero opinions. It was kind of a rant anyway.
@stacyzee I thought about doing a MyTake - this is similar to yours. I love the photo of the guys in suits by the way.


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  • Haha I know how you're feeling 😀 I've seen this happening with me too - be it with clothes, gadgets and vehicles 😂 Its kinda irritating 😜

    • Haha really? With gadgets? Like iPhones?

    • iPad in my case. I was the first one to get it in my friends' circle. Now everyone seems to have one 😜

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  • Wow , our mind is at the same place. I didn't see this question until you mentioned me.

    Yes , trends are irritating in my opinion. I try my best to have my own. Many people admire my choice of clothing style and attitude for that reason.
    Being like everyone is overrated.

    Thanks for the compliment on my mytake !
    If you make one on this topic , I look forward to reading it.

    • Thanks! I might. I don't care so much about being unique - what I care about is that everyone seems so concerned about looking like everyone else. It's sort of the opposite logic, I guess you could say. If I want a pumpkin spice latte, I buy one, but not because IT'S FALL I MUST NOW BUY PUMPKIN SPICE (D?) THINGS (AND INSTAGRAM THEM) BECAUSE TRENDY.
      Yeah - no.
      I am currently in possession of a pumpkin spice bar of soap because it's gorgeous and smells great.
      When I hesitate to buy things I like because they've been overly commodified, that's when I get irritated. (And, as I said, seeing everyone so carefully wearing the same thing.)

      Anyway lol.

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    • Yes, that's true.

      I didn't really try to be unique , it just so happens that I am. Everything I get it and clothing I put together is solely based on my own tastes, not what's in.

      I understand you about the latte, lol.
      It's annoying when you've been into something for a while then suddenly hundreds act like it's newly discovered and flock to it at the same time.

    • Yeah same, somewhat. I'm unique but in the sense that I like what I like, and if it's shared by a lot of people, great, but what people think is "in" doesn't influence me all that much. (Obviously I know what's appropriate for work, for instance.) I wear what I want.

      I resent the possibility of being labeled "basic" for enjoying fall, or whatever else. At one point basic meant pumpkin spice and Uggs. Now it's everything remotely marketable. Like - stay away from the season. You can have your nastily flavored skinny mochas or whatever but leave fall leaf photography alone.

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  • I agree with you - I like a bit of variety - More people expressing individuality would be a good thing - People dressed generically doesn't annoy me per se but as I said variety is the spice of life.

    • Yeah - it mostly bothers me when they try to look original but in an identical way to everyone else.

  • You think people look the same? Take a step out of the "normal human being" range and see how they really look and act the same. Seriously, you guys can get along because you all are similar. Being different, or "original", in any way, is not something to look up to.

    • Well I prefer to be different within reason. Also, that type of thinking doesn't help with innovation etc. just saying.

  • Yep, and hair styles. All the guys have the same FUCKING hairstyles here in England.. -_-


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