Beauty hacks/tricks?

So fellow GAGers, do you have any beauty hacks/tips/tricks that you would like to share? I have two and they do produce good results:
1. I apply olive oil on my lashes and eyebrows daily before going to bed. This had definitely thickened my lashes and brows.
2. I comb my bangs asap after showering, this keeps them straight and in place without any form of heating!


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  • 1. Dip a q-tip in any moisturizer - swipe over any mascara smudges, eyeliner errors, etc. boom it disappears :)
    2. Put your hair in a low bun overnight - instant Kim kardashian big curls for the next morning
    3. Egg yolk and avocado - mash up and use as conditioner, let it sit in your hair for 10 mins before washing out
    4. DIY pore strips - dip tissue into whisked egg whites, then apply "strip" to nose. Leave on until hard:)
    5. Dry lips? Use a dry toothbrush with a tiny bit of olive oil and scrub away for plump, soft lips

    Hope this helped!


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  • Workout 😎😎

  • Any tips how to get a job in Pakistan if you do graduation in engineering? 😑

  • 1. If you've actually got a skin problem then all the stuff you read online is going to be bullshit and you should see a dermatologist.
    2. You're either good looking or you're not, no amount or water drank or honey smeared over your face is going to change that.
    3. If you set up some sort of new age beauty blog there's people stupid enough to follow your instructions so you could get them pissing on rags and wiping it on their face. Then the placebo effect will have them exclaiming that it worked and they'll be singing your praises.

    • Lol why so much hate though!

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    • No but I am working on that 😀

    • Going for a FULL HOUSE! lmao

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