Every single time I go to any hairdresser I emphasise I only want foils on my ROOTS, but after, my hair looks blonder along the WHOLE length of hair?

This happens at every hairdresser I've been to lately. I don't see how it benefits them to do foils along the whole length as opposed to just the roots like I asked? It happened AGAIN today and I'm seriously so sick of it!


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  • I imagine it's quite difficult to only put foils on the roots, as the rest of the hair is attached.

    • ? This doesn't make sense. There's nothing hard about doing it.

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    • U still don't understand my question or know anything about foils lol just give up.

    • If you're this rude to the hairdressers, maybe they wreck your hair on purpose.

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  • Is there a lengthy conversation beforehand? When they're actually putting the foils in do you say something? If someone did a great job (even if it's not to your specifications) have you gone back and said something to them? If a few hairdressers aren't doing it right then there might be something more going on. Maybe there's a lack of communication somewhere along the line, maybe you piss them off in process or maybe what you're asking for can't be done?

    • I clearly tell them please only do the regrowth don't take it all the way to the ends cos I'm trying to protect them. I also say I don't wanna go any blonder I just want my regrowth done. They say yes ok. Then they proceed to do it anyway of course if they put colour on the ends which are already coloured I will go blonder.

    • I wasn't even sitting in front of a mirror this time so I couldn't see what she was doing but it was obvious from the end result. Previous hairdressers may put me in front of a mirror and just do it right before my eyes. One of them even said when I asked what he was doing- "oh I usually bring a few of them to the ends for you when u come here to freshen it up" as if he was doing me a fucking favour or something when I specifically asked him NOT to do that beforehand!! I just don't get it!

  • That's typically the procedure. They'll run the color through your hair at the last second so they don't damage it and it will blend with your roots, especially when you're using different stylists, it's a slim chance they'll get the exact same color you already had. So they do that so your roots aren't a significant amount lighter than the rest of your hair, that would look goofy.

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