Do guys tell girls specifically what they think looks good on them?

My sisters sister in law is pretty, guys tell her all the time. She married but seems to like the compliments (who wouldn't right?) We are more like friends you could say.

One time I complimented her on a hoodie she was wearing I said the color brings out her eyes, she smiled and said thank you.

What if I somehow wanted to say specifically what I think was one of her best outfits she had on months ago, to let her know it looked outstanding on her? I missed the opprtunity to say it last time she wore the outfit.

She had a red tunic sweater I think on that was short enough to show her jeans (she had a black belt on), dark blue skinny jeans, black boots, and a silver watch. She looked stunning in it and I think the fact she didn't cover up her waistline with a long shirt made the whole outfit look better, showing her natural curves and the belt enhanced the look.

How would a guy tell her this in a respectable, honest way that isn't weird or flirty? Just to tell her that hey that's definetly your style!

Any opinions?


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  • No, it's weird... especially mentioning it NOW, months later. It would seem like you think about her... a lot. Which apparently you do...

    • Ok, so not months later.

      Say what she is wearing the day I see her?

    • Sure if you want to... just never forget she's married. And consider what you would think of someone complimenting your wife as you compliment her.

    • As friends I don't see a problem. If someone compliments my wife I would feel honored to know she is my wife.

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