What do you do when everything is there emotionally, but not physically?

I'm not even sure if I worded that right.

So basically its like this:

Physically: 1-20 (1 being like Don Knotts and 20 being like Johnny Depp) Id say... 15. when he's dressing to accent some of his amazing features id say 16.

Emotionally: 1-20 Id say like 100. He's so amazing in that category I can't even believe how lucky I am.

Sexually: 1-20 ...it depends. sometimes everything is in sync, and completely amazing. Sometimes things can be so off that it feels like he's trying to eat my face when were kissing. >.< Last time he was over it was so slobbery I could barely stand it. (Its pretty bad when your boyfriend goes to kiss you, and all your thinking is 'please... no tongue.')

Bah I feel so horrible about it. So what do you think? Should I try talking to him...? Or just deal? I can't handle the idea of us not being together though.. so leaving him isn't an option.


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  • talk to him, and practice makes perfect.


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