Do guys think girls with tattoos are trashy? Even in they are hidden?

i don't have any arm, belly, or leg tats but some on my rib cage, back and hips. what do men think about tattoos?


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  • Don't worry about what other people think. If you like it then get it. You're the one who has to be comfortable with it and wear it around, not the guys. If a guy doesn't like you because of that then he isn't worth your time.


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  • Well lemme put it this way

    I've seen some pretty trashy girls who have tattoos

    I'm talking girls who don't really take good care of their own bodies, don't really dress too intelligently (doesn't have to mean dress expensively, but their style is just recycled from what they see), aren't too much fun to talk to, and have the same tattoos in the same places that you'd expect a girl like that to have

    But I've seen some very tattoo-ed-out girls who are really sexy and beautiful and attractive. These are girls who know a thing or two about how to be beautiful and how to say something meaningful and their tattoos have meaning to them

    Which actually leads me to another point

    That I only think those trashy girls are trashy because I don't relate to them so I don't really care for their actions. If I understood why they do the things they do a bit better, I wouldn't consider those girls trashy, and instead just consider them very beautiful in their own way. And then I would look at the other girls and think of them as snobs because they think they're so unique but really they're like all the other girls who dress and talk and act like them.

    But that's not supposed to be a negative view on things like that. I mean life is really a subjective thing and you will be accepted by someone no matter who you are as long as you're willing to accept them and accept who you are to yourself. So if someone thinks you're trashy, who gives a sh*t? It shouldn't be you, they're just trying to do the best they can and they can't always be a nice person all the time, you just happened to run into them on their bad day.

    But back on the subject of tattoos just don't get one right on your butt because then I don't get to see the smooth skin of your booty which I'm sure is very cuddly

  • The wrong tattoos are the tramp stamp, and the one around the vaj. other ones, they only look trashy/slutty if the tattoo is generic or looks crappy. If the girl gets a tattoo that doesn't show originality or style, like a Kanji or just some flower, then that sends out the "easy target" message because the guy will assume they're dumb. So if the tattoo is tasteful or original, it's fine, but a generic tattoo that everyone else has isn't good.

    • "because the guy will assume they're dumb." Brilliant! I lolled!

  • Tattoos are awesome, as long as they aren't slutty or generic. Unfortunately, most tattoos (on girls AND guys) seem to be both.

  • it depends WHAT tattoos

    if they fit with your body etc

    lets say for instance you'd have ''RANDEY WUZ HERE'' or something

    yeah...that would be trashy

    however something elegant would enhance it rather then break it down :)

    AND tattood girls can be very sexy :P

  • not trashy at all. I think they're totally cool, but also neither at all requirement OR deal breaker. my girlfriend has a hidden-ish one.

  • Some guys do, yeah.


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