How to wear a tie to school?

What do u guys think of wearing a tie to school? What styles should I wear and what should go with it, I'm thinking along the lines of wearing jeans and a button up (non dress shirt but a regular solid color button up) I would definitely button the top button and do the tie all the way up to my neck and that's why I would do jeans because my tie would be tight but the jeans or khakis will look more casual with it than dress pants what "rules" should I follow when wearing a tie to school (I'm a junior in HS and have a medium/muscular build) my t-shirt size is medium-large depending on how the shirt company runs


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  • your gonna look hot no matter what!

  • Well it was essential and also compulsory to wear a tie to school, during winter, with our white collared, button up shirts. I think what you just described is pretty much ok. Dress as casual as possible with the choice of pants and shoes, but yeah having a button up shirt and a skinny tie would be pretty cool.


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