Is talking with a beautiful girl harder?

I mean..when you guys see amazingly beautiful you think that you aren't good enough for her and you are afraid to make your move and you are also afraid of getting rejected? Do you first think sexually about her?


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  • There's a few different reasons:

    1. Just the fact that she's so beautiful makes her EXTREMELY intimidating

    2. There's a little voice inside your head that makes presumptions about her personality based on her looks, all of which are negative, and those are that:

    2a. She's going to reject you because she thinks/knows she's way out of your league, and she's going to be extra demeaning about it because she's appalled that someone so far "beneath" her would approach her.

    2b. If by chance she doesn't reject you, she's a huge high maintenance drama queen who will only drag you along for a few months of misery and THEN cut you down.

    3. She's used to getting hit on by guys who only want her for one thing, and even though you're different, you find that she's making just as many presumptions about you as you are about her because of all the crap she's put up with from other guys in the past, even though you know (or hope, anyway) that you're different from the rest because you have more honorable intentions.


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  • It's been my experience that really beautiful women are a little less persnickety about the way a guy looks than above average pretty girls. I'm not saying that beautiful girls are going to just date any slouch, but they do tend to prefer handsome and interesting to extremely handsome. Some but not all, above average pretty girls seem to think they should settle for nothing less than the hottest guy who's ever existed. I hate to generalize, but that's my experience.

  • Not really. I get nervous around a girl if I have a crush on her. But that doesn't happen simply because of her looks. Thinking I am not good enough for her because of her looks is insane. If the girl has that attitude, then she isn't good enough for me, not the other way around.

    And no, why would I?

  • My concerns when a woman is conventionally pretty are:

    -she's a snob.

    -she has no personality. (Some girls gain the habit of waiting for men to amuse them.)

    -she'll be defensive. (She gets hit on a lot, and often by jerks.)

    If she gets past that, we'll be fine. She's a girl like the rest.

    • But when you first act like a jerk too and then you understand that WOW this girl has a super personality you change your attitude towards him and respect her more?

    • I would never, ever first act like a jerk. I was raised well, and have some self-control.

      I come nicely. If she responds well, I stay. If she responds fearfully, or not at all, I go. Once I approach, she calls the tune.

  • It's a lot harder to talk to a girl that you like, and attractive girls are usually more likable. The better looking they are the more you feel like you will be rejected because you might feel like you're not good enough for her

  • we don't think we are good enough for them and might get rejected


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