This annoys me, how about anyone else?

I don't like it when guys/girls ask about what they look like, or if they look hot and what not. It's pathetic and trying to get an ego boost much? I know some people will disagree to this, but literally its been on here like in 1000 questions. Its like the same question but different person. Like wtf seriously. If you wanna be a hater and start drama go ahead, I honestly DGAF.


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  • people are free to ask what questions they want to as long as it is appropriate.

    sometimes they just want to know what other's think about them or they're just curious about what responses they would get.

    it's nothing to get angry about. and it isn't a big deal that people ask about how they look because I'm sure everyone asks that once in a while anyways


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  • Who Gives a f***? Don't even read it ?!?


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  • Then don't f***ing read it then sh*t!