What hair color do guys like on girls the most?

i know it depends on the person but I'm just seeing if more guys prefer dark haired or blonds or what


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  • darkkk hair

    it brings out the eyes better, and they're usually more down-to-earth in my experience.

    • I'm a natural blonde (even though I've rocked a dark hair do before and really liked it) so this comment really irritates me. I feel like blondes get stereotyped as being dumb, or not down to earth, or stuck up, or whatever and its just not fair. I'm honestly none of these things and I can actually think of many brunette girls that fit the blonde stereotype better than most of the blondes I know. It just really annoying for people to expect you to be some way just because of your hair color.

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    • Yeah. that's why I said "in my experience". it's not a stereotype, it's just an observation, which affects my personal preference.

    • Well being blonde can have a good side to it as well, like usually blonde's are considered prettier

      Also: no one likes red heads the best? I'm a red head lol

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  • blond

  • i like dark haired girls. but it depends on the girl .


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  • Dark hair.

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