Guys, What do you like about girls?

I just want to know :)

Be specific :) Any fetishes? Any particular things that turn you on instantly? :)

***yeah I know, other than our 'essentials' if you know what I mean lol ;)


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  • Well since you answered me let me answer you. Depending on the guy, you will get many different answers or should I say "Point of views." I like girls who don't wear clothes that show off all of their natural assets, to keep it clean. Girls who wear cute clothing that still hug the body but does not reveal to much as to keep the guys thinking or keep them guessing. Girls who are naturally pretty and do not have to cake-on the makeup. Girls who are not afraid to take the lead when necessary or are not afraid of taking risks. The only fetish other than what you stated would be a great kisser who knows what to do with her lips and tongue to keep you wanting more and hoping you can continue to the next step. A girl who does not let you hit a home run right away but takes small steps to every base so home base will be eagerly awaited when its time.


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