Do famous fashion designers have their own illustrators and tailors?


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  • Yes. They might've started doing it on their own - for someone else most probably, but now they don't do much... Maybe just pick out what their 'crew' makes - pick what they like and approve of.
    Maybe make some executive decisions... but that's it.

    • That's like the best news ever, thank you !

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    • Yeah because I have essential tremor, it's slight now but before it gets worse I had to make sure I can pursue my dream ☺️

    • I think you can always do it on the computers nowadays... It might make it easier for you in the long run than a simple pencil and paper technique. =)

      Thank you for the MHO!

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  • I would imagine so - I reckon each company would have their own creative department that the designer uses.

    • I thought the designer is the one who create then the illustrator sketch then tailor sew

    • I just went by when you said famous designers that you meant the next step when they worked for a big fashion company or set up their own label.

    • Exactly, that's what I mean 😌

  • They have entire design teams and tailors that make things to there will


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  • I don't know about illustrator but they have their own tailors.

    • Yes, I actually saw zuhair murad posting a sketch thanking his illustrator

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