Do guys find tall girls attractive?

I'm like 5,10 and 140lbs

People tell me I'm very pretty,gorgeous etc.

I find it so awkward dating shorter people yet my boyfriend is 5''5 lmfao xD

So do guys my age (teenagers) like tall girls?;)


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  • I'm 5'9" and 115 and have a few friends who are taller... There are plenty of guys taller than you, and I bet most guys shorter than you wouldn't care too much, especially if you're pretty. Guys still flirt with me and don't seem too intimidated by my height. I think if they were, I don't think they're worth the time.

    People tell me I should model quite frequently, and I think my height contributes to that a lot... it can make people look more... elegant? But in any case, if you're confident with your height guys will like it too :)


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  • Guys, especially your age, like girls who are pretty, gorgeous etc. Average height for guys is 5"9, so expect to be taller then at least 60% of the guys you run into. Guys would like to be taller then you, but it's not going to put them off if you're taller then they are.


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  • Agh I'm pretty much the same but weigh 114 I feel like I won't be dating for a while because I'm taller than the majority of guys. I hate being taller than them because I always hear from guys they wanna be talle than the girl because it's pretty much just normal and they like to be the dominant ones

    • Holly, ur 5 10 and 114 pounds?

      do you eat?! lol

    • Yes actually I do, a lot. I've been trying to gain some weight for a while but nothing has worked. Ha I'm even scared to go out and run because I just lose weight so fast and I don't wanna be any skinnier than I already am.