Guy didn't look away?

I was walking to dinner, and I was looking down. As I looked up I saw my crush walking the other way with his friend, talking. When I looked at my crush, he met my eyes instantly. I smiled, he sort of smiled (a slight smile-of course he was with his friend so he could have been smiling at something his friend said) and he just kept making eye contact. He never broke eye contact, then after a few seconds, I looked down and smiled to myself, and just kept walking. Also, his friend was looking at me too, if that means anything.

Can anyone tell me what it means? (We don't talk or anything either- I just finally smiled at him since we have been making eye contact for a couple months) thanks :)


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  • Maybe his friend said "Look at that one, she has nice boobs."

    • Hahahaha yeah right lol.

      his friend isn't always there when he looks at me, haha that was funny tho. :)

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  • Hi,

    Well if your making Eye Contact and both of you's are smiling at each other then there might be something there but make sure he doesn't have a girlfriend. If he hasn't and is interested in you then ask him out for a drink even though he is with his friends be positive and walk right up to him be strong and confident and just ask him and see what he says.

    You can do it, Good luck, x

    By L

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