Hot girl becoming a bit of a distraction in class. Getting kind of odd?

well maybe for some this be a good problem to have but I don't know the whole thing is getting ridiculous , so I'm taking a business course at college and there is this hot french / Italian / Lebanese ? girl in 2 of my classes , actually she is really good looking and I do find her really attractive .

but we don't really know each other that well yet and she has made a bit of a scene in class a couple of times . like she has this habit where she sits in the chair with her legs curled up , sort of like how one looks when there doing yoga and you can only imagine how hot that looks when she's doing that wearing tight black pants .

and she's done that a couple of times either siting rate in front of me or near , like today she came and sat in the seat rate in front of me and did that and some hot stretches now and then as well. its really quite distracting and the class is starting to notice , and some of the guys are getting a little jealous that this smoking hot girl is well siting near me and seemingly interested and doing things like that . and of course the other girls think the whole thing is ridiculous and likely think she is some kind of slut .


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  • dude a forigen hot chick you have to f*** her

    • Well its not that I don't want to have sex with her , just the whole thing is geting odd and a distraction in class and I'm not sure I want the whole class watching this stuff .

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    • Well I am not in colledge but ask her to study at the libray not your place that will start it off

    • Well the reason that you ask at the libariy is so she thinks that you are not just trying to get her alone. if you say study at my place it is kinda a red flag that you are trying to f*** her. and haha I knew I miss spelled that

  • Jealous of you dog. If your interested go for it. Otherwise leave it alone. IF you don't go for her its sure as hell someone else will.

    • Yeah that's the problem if I don't someone else will .

    • Then go for it. What have you got to lose? If she says no, what ever. You move on life goes on.

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