Do you find skater or punk girls attractive?

My wardrobe is a mixer of skate/punk and abercrombie/nordstrom clothing. So of course I occasionally look nicer or depending on your opinion... "girlier." But I'm a T shirt, jeans and sneakers kind of girl.

I'm just curious about the number of guys who find this more attractive. I wonder if it's a coincidence that I pick up more guys when I'm dressed 'trendy' versus normal.


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  • I personally like it when girls wear what they like to wear, it seems to flow more with who they are, but I also appreciate if a girls' put a lot of time into her appearance.

    I like the skater punk thing, as long as they're down-to-earth and not stuck up or hung up or anything.

    • It depends - there's definitely a very sexy way to combine wearing baggy cloths and showing skin. I dunno, for me personally if there's a girl with a nice waist, some low slung baggy pants, and a shirt that doesn't come down all the way I immediately make a bee line and start talking to her.

    • Your comment makes me smile.

      But yeah, it's all personal preference; Different people, different tastes.

    • I agree with @quixote (:

      Thats how I dress, It's comfy(:

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  • Those clothes are not sexy at all. Just plain and boring and not very feminine.


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  • Shut up fag, you should be a goth.

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  • OMG! gurl it doesn't matter lol I'm sure you look great