How to make my hair healthier?

my hair is falling out. I don't know why..I'm 16 and pretty healthy..i didn't worry about it too much at first but it won't stop! how do I make it stop or make my hair healthier? please help!


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  • Could be stress, stress does make your hair fall out.

    Hair dye can do it too, especially those home ones. Dyed your hair lately?


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  • Maybe you're not getting the right nutrients. What is your approximate height and weight? Do you have a special diet such as vegan/vegetarian or lactose-free foods? It is always possible that you are ill, too.

    • Im 5'3 and weigh about 135..i eat pretty normal...pretty healthy..

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    • Ok, well thank you for your help :)

    • Of course, of course. (:

  • Try a restorative treatment and a daily multi-vitamin. If you still have an issue, I would suggest seeing your doctor as a thyroid condition can cause hair loss. Do you have other issues such as dry skin and brittle nails?

    • Nope my skin and nails are fine..