Is it bad to peirce my ear?

I had my nose peirced in 2012 when i was around 15. Now i want to peirce my earlobe again. And then the cartilage... is this disgusting? or should i just stop with two piercing in my ear?
This picture is an example ( this is how it would look like later). I just want to know whether it is okay to peirce... Im 18 now.
is it bad to peirce my ear?

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  • Personally I find it unattractive but it's your ears

    • Oh... ok thanks anyway :)

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    • Haha thank you very much :) I'm glad you're honest!

    • Your welcome , constructive criticism is hard to find through all the fake people and haters

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  • It looks really cute! =)

    • Gonna do it CD ♡ thanks!

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  • It'll look great!

    • Thanks you very much :)

  • If you want them go for it! The great thing about piercing is you can take them out. Just go to a professional piercing shop and avoid the piercing guns.

  • dont do it yourself, go to a shop and get in done professionally

    on my right ear i have my cartilage and forward helix pierced and on my left ear i have my tragus pierced. I LOVE THEM

    • Wow that's so cool. I told my friend about this and he told me not to pierce my cartilage bz only gay people do that and I felt uncomfortable. I really want to get my ears peirced.

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    • omg you've just made my day thank you!! :)))

    • Don't mention it ♡ haha

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