Do all girls, rich or poor, care about a guy's wealth or looks?

I mean honestly, why do girls like a guy who makes a lot of money or a guy who looks like a model?

I mean I'm not the best looking guy and I'm not rich either. So do girls really care if a guy makes a ton of money or if he looks good? I really don't want a gold digger or any superficial woman.


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  • some do.

    a rich guy means he can afford to take her out to places and do stuff that a guy without a lot of money couldnt.

    a guy with looks means she can brag to her friends about the hot guy she's seeing and a guy she can drool over all day.

    im not the one that looks into all that

    because I make my own money

    and I want a guy who can offer me more than just looks.


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  • If you don't want a golddigger than be thankful you aren't rich, it depends on the guy but a lot of rich men just tend to throw money at the girl and I would feel like he was trying to buy me, I don't have this problem with men that aren't rich. And I would never date a really really good looking man because I'd feel so insecure and always be worried about him cheating since he could get any girl he wanted. So personally, I couldn't care less if a guy had no money and I defo do not want someone who looks like a model.

  • It just depends on who it is. Personally, I think shallow people are terrible.

    I'm not really shallow so I can't exactly answer on behalf of the ones who are.

    But, I guess find a girl who isn't shallow who goes on personality. Of course, who you are also interested in.


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