If you could be the opposite sex for a day?

What would you do and why?

I know I'd wanna try peeing standing up.


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  • For me, I'd enjoy putting on clothing, having long flowing hair and being able to brush it. Call me weird but peeing sitting down would be interesting, would it feel the same? See what a women's toilets look like, as apparently they are so much nicer. I would enjoy never having to shave a beard.

    I'd certainly try out the obvious thing but it'd honestly be the last thing.

    Wearing dresses and skirts as they are actually ment too would be amazing iswell.

    Truthfully, I would give all the money in the world, all my possessions to actually be able to experience it. In fact screw a day I'd probably stay that way for life.

  • I'm quite obbsessed with self appearance , so I would probably spend the whole day shopping and trying on clothes to see what makes me hot.

    but I don't really think there is much diffrence between men and women these days to really have a big change.

  • I would play with boys minds hahahah I'm evil

    I would play with myself in the mirror...(if I would be a hot girl)

    • Haha yeah, I'd be having sex with all kinds of girls! I've always wondered what it feels like for a guy.

  • I'd probably go out and Have a few guys tbh.

    Suck, Fuck etc :P

  • Feel my breasts for 24 hours.


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