There's a difference in 'girl' hot and 'guy' hot?

- Apparently there are two ways a girl can dress well.

That is guy pretty or girl pretty.

Can anyone tell me what this means?


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  • Men and women process beautiful images differently. Men process with the right side of the brain, which is usually associated with imagination and fantasy. Women process with both sides, allowing us to not only see the beauty in the image but also the logic. While a guy is looking a woman thinking, "Wow...she has an amazing body and a gorgeous face," and girl could be thinking the same thing while adding, "The way that top cuts her makes her look a little desperate." Men are visual by nature, so while you're studying the face and body, we're taking in the whole package. Girls who dress to show off personal fashion sense are what are referred to as "girl hot." If a girl is dressing in sexy fabrics and form-flattering outfits, that is "guy hot." If a girl looks like she's dressing for a Maxim shoot 24/7, a guy is going to notice. If a girl is wearing a great pair of jeans, cute flats, and a flowy shirt, a girl is going to say, 'You look so cute!"


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  • I guess that 'guy hot' inflames desire, and 'girl hot' is more a pathetic and feeble attempt to fit in without getting anyone too upset that you're giving everyone's husband a hard-on.


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  • If I understand your question right:

    When girls dress to impress other girls, they often do trendy things that may or may not actually be attractive or flatter them. Ugg boots, giant sunglasses, etc.

    Guys like clothes that flatter a girl's figure. Its that simple. They don't care about name brands or trends or what shoes go best with what outfit.

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    This should give you an idea