Just friends or wants to be more?

This man "TA", I think has strong feelings for me. Over the course of a year, he & I have conversed about many things. In the last year, our conversations went from being casual, to more open & sometimes intimate conversations about family, stress, etc.

In the last year, I noticed some slight 'trial balloons' TA was sending up. There were times he'd pat me on the hip as I was about to leave, multiple times he'd put his hand on my back as I walked away, or occasionally followed me into a small area to ''check the calendar", where he was so close behind me, I could feel the heat of his body radiating as he stood behind me. Another time I was upset about something with my son, and he lean in close to hug me. He didn't 'pat me on the back as people do when in an awkward moment. I had to pull away, he didn't want to let go of me.

He's 'accidentally' bumped me, once his hand bumped me in the chin, so he looked at me, smiled & rubbed his finger lightly over my chin. Another time, I was getting my son ready for us to leave, & just as I bent down to zip my son's coat, TA quickly tried walking past me. His hand hit me in the butt, then he used both hands & placed them on each him to try 'stabilizing me' so I didn't fall. Most recently, when I was around him, he looked at my & reached out toward me to play with my hair. After that, when the kids and I were getting our coats on to leave, he disappeared & came back with something in hand. He leaned forward and slipped the item into my pocket, patted me on the hip & said, "Here's something for mom." Before walking away. Before he was going to adjust me a few days ago, he reached into my back pocket to pull a card out of it, then replaced it after my adjustment. Just yesterday, before starting my adjustment I was face down on the table, & he ran his first 2 fingers up and down the back of my legs asking a question about the bleach marks on my jeans. We've been friends for over a year and just days ago, while leaving, he blurted out to my kids, "I LOVE YOU GUYS!" He's shown more interest in me after not seeing OR hearing from me for 6 weeks. Could this be why he's suddenly upped the anti? I stayed away for 6 weeks because he had surgery, and I figured he'd not work for a while so he could recover. Turns out he went back after only a week! When I showed up out of nowhere after 6 weeks he was following me everywhere! He stood so close that we ended up touching multiple times, then a few days later, he was complimenting my shoes, hair, etc. more than ever before. Its like there's emotional & sexual tension built up in him. Now he's always finding ways to touch me & never takes his eyes off me. It was very unexpected. Is he now looking for more than a friendship because he fears I could disappear again? Does he want to be 'just friends' or does he 'want us to be more?'


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  • He wants more.


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