1. What type of undies do you wear? explain why. 2. How often do you change your undies? 3. How many pairs do you have?

i wear guys bikini briefs 24/7 and i change every 4 to 5 days

  • girls bikini panties
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  • thongs
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  • boyshorts
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  • mens bikini briefs
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  • guys boxer
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  • I wear athletic spandex boxer shorts. I wear them since they fit well, and are tight in the leg section but loose in the crotch, something that bothers me with briefs. Plus they make my ass and junk look great haha. I have roughly 20 pairs and change them daily or twice a day, once in the morning and once after working out.

    • Also I'm secretly hoping to see way more thong answers for the girls. Just something about a girl in a thong haha.

  • I mostly wear boxers but I have some boxer briefs that are always nice.