Did I hurt him?

my boyfriend and I broke up a while ago. I told him we just weren't right together etc. he didn't seem to care. this wasn't in person. he just said for me to go find some awesome guy for me. but today we talked for a long time about relationships and such. he seemed hurt. it seems like he got rid of things that remind him of me too. cause me and him had this duct tape thing. not in a weird way lol but we use to mess with his brother and tape things up/ we also us to find super cool kinds of duct tape. its hard to explain. I know that sounds weird. but he would always use duct tape. for EVERYTHING. so we started having fun with it. but today, out of no where when we were talking, he said that he threw it away. I asked him why and he looked hurt. he said " I don't know I just did."


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  • Yeah you hurted your ex. your hurting even more by still talking to him. its clear that you still him like. most guys don't want to admit that are hurting because they don't want to look like a little punk...i think you should let him go and let him heal a little if you want to be friends being around you and talking he would never have the time to heal and he would be wondering why you guys are even talking about the thing you guys did so he's trying to get over it so it won't hurt him so stop bringing things up if you don't to be with him. Or do you?

    • The thing is that he's the one that brought relationships and the us up.

    • That means he still not over it like I said give him space to heal. he still want you two to be together and the more you let him talk about it the more he thinks you guys are going to be back to togehter again its Called THE PITY TRIP