Girls, simple hair ideas for a beginner?

Okay so I made it to the age of 19 without even being able to braid hair and I very rarely straighten or curl it because I'm lazy! But I feel so good when my hair is done. So I want to start doing some stuff to it.

I naturally have pretty hair thankfully- it is almost to my lower back, healthy looking, curly and a blondish brown that some mistake for an auburn/reddish color sometimes.

I may post a picture later, hair is wet right now. I think I'm gonna cut it in long layers. Its already in a slight V shape in the back.



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  • You could twist a few strands in the front of your hair across to the back and bobby pin it in place. That always looks cute. Buns are always a go-to. High pony tails Look great! You could backcomb the crown of ur hair (but that's not good for ur hair)

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