What's so unattractive about being so into someone?

Like I see a lot of times... "eww he's too into me!" or something... "that's such a turn-off"

Well... He probably loves you, just because you don't feel the same way at that moment in time doesn't mean you have to label the guy as a creep or be turned off entirely. And if a guy is totally nervous, I don't think girls even understand what its like to pursue a girl that has like that "power" over them... its really nerve-wrecking to pursue a girl you just can't resist. I don't think girls give guys enough credit.

I, for one, would be THRILLED if I found out that an attractive girl was like totally into me, or was nervous around me. I think this just proves that guys have bigger hearts than girls... I never labeled a girl a creep that showed interest in me. ;)


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  • First, some of us women, for me for example, find that really CUTE.

    When I first met my "shy" bf, he really wasn't sure that I liked him. It's still shaking him now that we've been together for like 4 months. He still asks me why I miss his face or love him, and I always say everything I love about him inside and out. It takes re-assuring all over again, and I don't mind doing that at all if that's what it takes him to believe in himself and believe in me that I'm into him as much as he is into me.

    Some of us are used to men chasing after us. When I met that shy guy who showed subtle signs that he was interested in me but was really afraid to make that move, it CONFUSED the hell out of me. Like, "why isn't he coming after me?". So I had to be proactive in doing stuff, making sure he wasn't thinking I was being too needy or too much for him. I did flat out ask him if he felt that way, and he always says "Never!".

    So, when I read this, I felt like my boyfriend wrote this. :) I totally understand how you feel. And it's ok. You will find a girl who can understand that. Promise.

    Good luck and take care!



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  • Bigger hearts? I think it just proves that guys have lower standards.

    • How so? what girl wouldn't want a guy that was totally into them? that was nervous around her? it doesn't mean the guy has a hidden agenda at all, he just really likes the girl... that's more attractive than a cheating man-whore, or just a manipulative jerk all-round, I would think...

  • Sometimes it's just obsessive or creepy, and might mean the guy is desperate&easily gets attached to people.(not in ALL cases though)

    • I'm just saying tho... I'd love for an attractive girl to be obsessed with me. lol

    • You don't think that would get annoying though? lol

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  • Women in america and australia are idiots, they de value a guy who LIKES them, so they date idiot assholes that treat them like sh*t... so much for standards. Trust me, if you travel to europe or asia its a whole different story.

    Since they are idiots you just have to play their game, not give a sh*t about them and treat them like crap so they think you are a great catch, I know, its a tough deal, not only do you have more time for yourself but you get more girls too... think about it

  • That fact that you think a guy can "love" a girl he barely knows is not rational. Having an intense liking for someone when you barely know them is unattractive because your attraction is based on nothing except the things you are making up in your head. That's unsettling.

    • In my case, I knew her quite well, and my feelings grew in time... But I agree with you to a point... What about how the person makes you feel?

    • The truth is if you have built up attraction in the person you desire, then your actions are going to be received much more positively than if you have not built that attraction. Works the same way with both sexes

  • It's not that he's too into her--it's that he's not enough into himself. It smells like low self-esteem, like doormat, and not like self-reliant adult.

  • It comes across as being clingy-too clingy. And you said so yourself, it makes some of us look like creeps-