Does it matter what fabric a guys clothes is made from at all?

Does it make a difference if the guy is wearing silk, cotton, wool, denim etc, as to if you want to get closer to him? It seems like the softer materials would be more pleasing when you get close to someone, but fashion doesn't seem to support the idea as I rarely see things like men's silk shirts for sale. I doubt this is a major issue for most women, but it just seems strange to me that men's fashion doens't make softer clothes that women would want to cuddle up to.

  • It doesn't matter at all.
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  • I prefer a certain type of fabric, but it isn't very important.
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  • What type of fabric matters a lot to me.
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  • See answers.
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  • To me it does - but only because I'm a tactile person. =)


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  • No not really. This is interesting question. I never think of it O. o


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  • When I lived in Vegas I figured out the differences real quick lol hot as hell there