What are the chances of a surgeon messing up a face procedure?

I'm curious. I want to remain true to myself, but fix some asymmetrical features. Maybe a little work on my nose also, to make it more in line. I know that no one has a perfect symmetrical face, but it will help me sleep at night. Also what is the typical cost? Has anyone had these surgeries? What was the out come? I have been doing research. I just want some feed back. Does anyone know of good surgeons near Minnesota?


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  • The problem with facial cosmetic surgery is the high risk of nerve damage. Depending on the procedure, the risk could outweigh the reward. The nose work is not high risk but nose jobs are very painful. Make sure you find a very good cosmetic surgeon. I couldn't speculate the cost.

  • You can always tell when someones had cosmetic surgery. It goes against nature and may improve things for a while but it will catch up with you eventually. It's also expensive.

    Im not against it, its invaluable to people who suffer horrific accidents but often a lot of people abuse it and use it without having a proper reason for doing so. It's kinda sad that people can't be happy being themselves. Those imperfections that you dislike might very well be the imperfections someone falls in love with you for ;)

    Plus no one wants to be without someone who looks perfect and has no flaws. It makes them insecure about themselves, even if they don't admit it!

    • Oops I meant 'no one wants to be WITH someone who looks perfect' not without.. haha.. its been a longgggg day!

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