About to color my hair?

So I bleached my hair a while ago which was stupid, then every time I tried re dying my hair it would wash out almost completely by like a week. I want it like a dark blonde color and I want it too last. idc about roots growing in because I'm dying it my natural color. So I went to Sally's today and bought a neutral protein filler. then I want to CVS and bought loreal excellence dark blonde. I want the color to turn out really close to the color on the box. I was going to put the protein filler on before the dye, so should I put it on dirty hair? because when you dye your hair it says to do that. And I was reading reviews and people said that loreal turns out a little darker, so should I leave it in for a little less time? Or will the filler stop it from doing that? and do I put the filler all over my hair or just on the ends? thanks


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  • OK here's the story! Without seeing your hair & the color that it is now along with the roots & ends this is what she told me.

    First thing is that a beautician will evaluate your hair & then mix the color accordingly.The color that is on the box may come out differently because of the color that is on your hair now.

    It doesn't matter if your hair is dirty or not but since that is what you have been told or reading then you can do it with your hair dirty.

    Beauticians use professional products so they don't have much experience with Loreal to know how long it should be left on.

    The filler will not stop it from doing that. (getting too dark)

    Put the filler on just on the part that you bleached.

    As far as how long to leave it on your best bet is to check it every few minutes & take it off when you like the color or it can get too dark.

    Now again this advice is from someone who has not seen your hair or uses that product.

    • Thanks. well I already colored my hair and it turned out exactly how I wanted. I just hope it lasts. thnx for all ur help

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  • I call & see if I can get a hold of that girl again but it probably won't be until later this evening.


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