Girls, what's your favorite makeup brand?

I'll list a few of my faves in the poll

  • Urban decay
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  • ABH
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  • Kat Von D
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  • Tarte Cosmetics
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  • Other
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  • of the ones u listed, urban decay is my favourite, but i also love M. A. C [lip stuff]

    on my face, i like to use mineral/'healthy' makeup, and my favourite is an Aussie brand called Nude by Nature.
    I like another Aussie brand called Chi Chi- their eyeshadows and lippies are nice =]

    • oOOO i didn't know! haha I am trying them on!

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    • why are you holding your breath? hahah! I am really not just average... haha! I am a realistic type of apple hahah! But i like inner self much more than my outside! Thats what i like about gag! I don't have a body or a face... i can be me without the judgement that is place based on looks...

    • hahah because it helps me get it right! 😂
      yeah, me too =] ur so right. what i like even about putting up my picture is finding out who can look past it and realise I'm more than that. @apple24

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  • none of the above i have no favourite makeup brand :/

  • I can only use Lancôme and Arbonne products because my skin is so sensitive.

  • Oh I have only tired urban decay because i can't afford it! What have you tired?

    • All the brands in the poll , my fav is Kat Von D :)

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    • I know but in my opinion it's worth it. I'm also working full time so I buy presents for myself every week... Because.. Why not! Lol :)

    • ohhh sounds cool!

  • Haha other. Usually it's just ELF or Tony-Moly or stuff from The Face Shop.

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