XBox 360- Any games out there like Saints Row, and GTA?

I just got my xBox 360 two days ago, and I have both grand theft autos and Saints Row 2, Are there any games out there like these games other than

Grand theft autos

Saints Row 1 and 2

The godfather

Who knows xBox better than guys? (: Then again maybe the girls do (;

I am not into fake looking stuff, I am not a fantasy gamer at all, I like playing as a human, that's for sure. I like games that are more realistic I guess. But my favorite games seem to have something too do with shooting and I have no clue why lol :D


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  • if you're looking for anything similar to Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row 2 on Xbox you sadly won't. It's hard to compete against Grand Theft Auto so not many companies try.

    What types of games do you like? What do you usually enjoy doing?

    • I am not into fake looking stuff, I am not a fantasy gamer at all, I like playing as a human, that's for sure. I like games that are more realistic I guess. But my favorite games seem to have something too do with shooting and I have no clue why lol :D

    • Here's a list of some games I found cool:

      The Saboteur.

      Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

      Assassins Creed.

      Assassins Creed 2.

      Mercenaries 2.


      The list goes on, if you want to learn about more games, visit gaming websites such as:

      or even walmart, bestbuy, futureshop.

    • Thanks (:

      I think they should get sims for xbox 360 ): lol

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  • If you want a game that's challenging, fast-paced, and really fun, try Bayonetta.

    Sure, you said your not much into fantasy and crap, but if you like intense action you'll LOVE this game. Only thing is that it takes about as much skill to master as any of the high-brow fighting games out there, so be ready for a SERIOUS challenge if you plan to play it on Normal mode.

    At least rent it, for real, it's THAT good.

    Some other really good games are Darksiders, Borderlands... but if your really really serious about this whole "realism" statement, try out Modern Warfare 2 for sure, try out Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, and if you have a buddy to play with, get Army of Two: The 40th Day.

  • Seems like you like sandbox games. There are not many other than the ones you already have.

    There are other action games that are centered near or close to being sandbox.

    1. Assassins Creed 2

    2. Batman Arkham Asylum

    The rest deal with fantasy and rpg elements, such as Elder Scrolls. I would recommend fps like Left 4 Dead or Halo games to try out. See what else you like.

  • xbo360 is one of the best console out there but you should wait for new Xbox306 with Kinects Motion Controller its awesome you for your self I think lots of intros at Youtube lol..anyway best free-roam games? here's my list all about 3rd person style game and RPGs

    Crackdown 2 - new just got release this July 6,

    Dead Rising 2 - new coming in Sept,26 ,Zombie game its not total freeroam but good game,

    Assassins Creed Brotherhood - new coming this Nov,16 not total freeroam but its great game,

    Fable 3 - new well be released this Oct,26 , a little freeroam but RPG type of game,

    JustCause 2 , total freeroam and awesome game! ,

    Assassins Creed 2 - best series I've ever played not total freeroam though,

    Red Faction Guerrilla - not total freeroam but it unlocks new area to explore with,

    Mercenaries 2

  • there is darksiders you can play gears of war, gears of war 2, bioshock, mass effect and mass effect 2, COD 2, those are the good games that are out, you can also check to see what kinda good games that they have for cheap or just go to walmart or target somtimes those stores have good games

  • mercenaries 2, just cause: 2, these are games fun to play by yourself...

    Call of Duty: Black Ops. just came out...

    be warned if you play live you will get put down... A LOT!

    a couple of upcoming games that are shooters are Brink, which is set in 2020 I believe, so its not to fantasy,

    btw most guys are turned on by the girl gamers, but the ones who aren't are obviously either nine year olds or pro wannabes.

  • Prototype isn't bad and Dead Space is creepy and unique with it's weapons. Batman Arkham Asylum was a good game too.

  • Um crackdown, assassins creed 1-2, the saboteur, gears 2, anda game you will love when it comes out is red dead redemption, it's being made by rockstar( the people who made grandtheft auto) and it looks like it will be awsome.

  • Cod 4 and Cod 6 are extremely realistic. Get those two... they are the best

  • Crackdown is a sandbow game.

  • 360s garbage can't believe you bought that

  • gears of war 2 is pretty good

    • Should mention it's not open and sandbox style like GTA or something but it's a 3 person shooter type with lots of blood :)

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  • well the games Call Of Duty: modern Warfare 2, and assassins creed 2, are awesome. they are both roll playing games, so I think you would enjoy them. shooting games? ok, all of the COD games are definitely the best choices for you!=) the game, Prototype or Godfather II, are also the best of the roll playing games. halo 3 is a classic, so you should try that as well=) ok hope you enjoy this

    • I've played InFamous on the PS3, and I hear Prototype is pretty similar to it. I loved InFamous, I might pick up Prototype myself. I suggest that one!

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