Is painted nails ok for both sexes?

Because I've got a girlfriend and a son with her, and i dont mind when she wants to paint my toenails, its just a thin sheep of color, no big deal


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  • I wouldn't mind. If anything I would think it looked awesome.


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  • No. That is not OK for both sexes dude.

    • Why is that

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    • Oh my god you're sexist. Why should'nt a guy be allowed to do it? "For women" really? Can't you start seeing beyond these idiotic norms that society has created and start acting like a respectable human.

    • @FatCatLady Sometimes society knows what people can and can't do better than they do and it has it's reasons.

      It's not that men can't do it, its just a bit poofterish and inadvisable. It also looks stupid.
      The only place its acceptable is if the person is in an 80's hair band.

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